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About Jon

About Jon

JON ILIO is celebrated as one of New Jerseys top photographers. He has emerged in 2013, and has created a style that has been described as contemporary and with a European flavor. Jon has a keen eye for conveying emotion and romance in his photographs. Jon regulary shoots over 100 weddings a year, and each one is a showcase for passion and style.
Jons style can be described as contemporary combined with romantic elegance. Jon is known for his creativity and his unique ability to capture expression and drama through his visual storytelling. Jons vibrant and warm personality allow him to capture soul and magic through his lens. With an empathy for people, imagination, and his technical skill, Jon is able to bring out the best in people by evoking emotion, and can turn any situation into a fairy tale.
Jon has had a long love affair with photography. His father was an avid photographer, who passed his skill and creativity down to him through mentorship. Jon began his professional career assisting well known photographer Lewis Marc in 2008. It was clear early on, he had a keen eye for creating magic. Within two years, he became the sole photographer for Piazza Di Roma event hall located in southern NJ. After becoming well known, he decided to open up Jon Ilio Photography and offer his clients a more personalized experience.
Jon has gone on to train with some of the most renowned photographers in the world. Names such as Joe McNally, Roberto Valenzuela, and Jerry Ghionis have all been his mentors. Jon has a passion and obsession with photography. He has learned how to use his camera as his instrument to capture weddings as a symphony of art. .